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ABA Academy

A Mainstream School for Autism and Special Care Foundation Initiative


Welcome to the ABA Academy, a premier institute for Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and an initiative by Mainstream School for Autism and Special care Foundation, Patna. 


At ABA Academy, we specialize in providing comprehensive and individualized ABA therapy for children across the developmental spectrum. ABA is key transformation tool for children with autism and other behavioral challenges.


Using cutting-edge ABA techniques, we focus on understanding the unique needs of each child and tailoring interventions to foster skill development, social interaction, communication, and adaptive behaviors. 


For parents seeking support for their child, ABA Academy is here to provide the expertise and support your needs. We believe in the power of ABA to bring about positive change and we are committed to bring a lasting impact on the future life of the needy child.

Thank you for choosing ABA Academy as your partner on this journey of growth and progress. Together, we can unlock the potential within each child and create a brighter future for him.

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Scope of ABA


Visual Performance

 Helps the child understand and sort teaching materials like flashcards according to their feature, class, function. Understanding the concept of scanning and forming equivalence class.


Receptive Language

Responding to own name, following simple to complex instructions, acquire new selection skills without intensive training, selecting pictures withemotions, understanding pictures of social interaction.



 Answering questions when asked, Fill in phrases, answering “Wh” questions, answering multiple responses to question asked, describing steps in an activity when different questions are put up. Telling stories.


Syntax and Grammar 

Teaching past, present, future tenses. Understanding negation like don’t, won’t etc. Label emotional state associated with a verbal response.

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Play & Leisure Skills 

Understanding outdoor and indoor activities, multiple responses with toys related to a theme, playing with toys and peers. Coordinated play with peers

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Label things in environment, people, body parts, actions, function, feature, class, actions etc, describe events, internal events like pain, hunger etc.


Social Interactions 

Responding to peer age groups, imitate peers, sharing, eye contact, join peers in an activity, shows likes/dislikes, asks for information.


Group Instruction 

Sits insmall/largegroups e.g classroom, attends tostudents in group, raises hand toanswer in class, takes turn easily,follows daily routine.


Generalized Responding 

Generalize teachings across people, time, setting. Whatever child has learned he is able to perform at different settings with different people and time.


Motor Imitation 

 Imitating gross motor to fine motor, teaching immediate imitation to delayed imitation to acquire new skills.


Vocal Imitation

Imitation of sounds,imitating soft vz loud sounds, spontaneous imitation of words andphrases.

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Reading skills 

Label letters, matchwords with letters, read simplewords, reading short stories.


Math Skills 

Count numbers, name numbers, understanding – “more:,”less”,”some”,”none”,”greater”,”add” etc, time telling.


Gross Motor & Fine Motor Skills  

Jump, squat, ride, kick, skip, turning pages of book, building blocks, lacing, using pencil, colouring etc.


Writing skills 

Writing skills - identifying coins by name, minus, plus, subtract, colouring, print letters and numbers.


Dressing Skills 

Wearing shirts, pants, socks, buttoning, zipping, tie shoes etc.


Eating Skills 

Drinking with cup, straw, eating with fork, knife etc.


Toileting skills 

Teaching how to request for using toilet to using toilet skills.

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Spelling  -  Copy words, spell words vocally.

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Learning to request for items, requests help, Request using “Wh” questions.


Grooming skills 

Brushing teeth, washing hands, face etc.

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