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About Us

The Mainstream School for Autism & Special Care Foundation is a non-profit organization founded by senior medical practitioners & professionals from the industry. The organization stands committed to the Social issue of empowering through information, education, guidance & skill development to lead the child & the community to MAINSTREAM OF THE SOCIETY.

The Mainstream Foundation is committed to build & enhance capacity for people identified with Autistic traits through a meticulously laid down process for behavioral changes and adoption of traits that limits autism. The Mainstream Foundation through years of research has built a comprehensive plan outlay derived from research, study & adoption of best practices from across the globe..

Mainstream Foundation also understands the utmost need of ‘Parents education & counseling’ and thus a periodic PTM (Parent-Teacher Meet) remains a key tool to derive the best result for their ward.

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Our Mission

Act as a social agent of change that changes the paradigm for the challenged and allows him to join the mainstream.

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Our Vision

Create an ecosystem of equality that recognizes both parallel and lateral talent of every individual irrespective of any natural discrepancy.

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All things being equal, all things are never equal, We recognize individual excellence through equality.


There are no biological markers for autism.The Childhood Autism Rating Scale (CARS) test combines parent reports and direct observation by theprofessional. It helps identify and diagnose autism in ages 3 to 22 years and also estimates the severity of the disorder.

For Identification of Autism cases the INCLEN tools shall be used. The entire scale can be completed in 20-30 minutes. The CARS was originally correlated to the DSM I and then to the DSM III-R

The test provides standard scores and percentiles as well as a table for determining the likelihood that a child is autistic and the severity of the disorder..

Indian Scale for Assessment of Autism (ISAA) is a screening tool developed by National Institute for the Empowerment of Persons with Intellectual DisabilitiesKFormerly National Institute for Mentally Handicapped (NIMH)), Government of India that helps diagnose autism in the early stages.

Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment Dept. of Empowerment of Person with Disablities

Our Founders


Chief Mentor, Co-Founder & Director

Mainstream Foundation


BPT (Manipal Univ.) MPT (Neuro), MIAP, 

Ph.D (Scholar)

Co-Founder & Director

Mainstream Foundation


PG, PGDM Management Consultant

Co-Founder & Director, Mainstream Foundation , Ex CMO (MTS), d.light Energy

Bharti Airtel

MOT, Ph.D Scholar

SI Therapist (USC/WPS Southern California, USA)

Sr. Consultant, Mainstream Foundation

The Team Behind the Show



Special Educators



Qualified Occupational Therapist


Clinical Psychologist



Speech and Language Therapist

Why Choose Us

Read on to understand our different


One child
one  teacher ratio


Two separate sensory integration labs


Managed only by certified therapists.

Our Existing Campus Since 2019


C-18, S K Puri, Near Basawan Park, Patna


E-120, Rajesh Kumar Path, S K Puri, Boring Road, Patna


C-17, S K Puri, Near Basawan Park, Patna

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